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christmas dump 91_0002 copy Found..a Christmas bell. the dump Guatemala  ©copyright Rosa Lopez 1991

Letter from the Founder/CEO Fotokids N. McGirr
I love this time of the year in Guatemala. The rainy season has just ended and the flowers are bursting into bloom. The air is crisp,handmade kites of colorful tissue paper soar into the bright blue sky and carpets of pine needles fill the entranceways of the houses, wafting the fragrance that signals the holidays are coming!

I guess most of us let our minds drift to times with loved ones and of Holidays past during this season. In the December newsletters I try to include some notes from my journals and this year I turned like Ebenezer Scrooge to entries on

…Christmas’ Past

But Wait …first off I really want to thank you for your support as this project would have never lasted 24 years without it! You have done…

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