Fotokids 30th Retrospective exhibit- These photos can be purchased for a limited time at $150 a print (after December 31st $200)

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Beginning with our Award Winning Book, Out of the Dump. Writings and Photographs by children of Guatemala, published by Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, a division of Willam Morrow & Co.NYC 1995

Followed by Contemporary Color and Fotokids Projects, The EU Rights of the Child, Guatemala civil war and it’s affects, Save Girls (Girls Life Skills), and Guaruma our 15 year project in Las Mangas Honduras based on using photography to teach environmental education.


Save Girls A 3 year gender based accelerated project giving adolescent girls the opportunity to learn IT skills to prepare them to enter the global workforce

Under Shadows

A 6 – year project with children from Santiago Atitlán, Santa Maria Tejá, and Guatemala City exploring how the 36 year war affected their lives and those of their community

Voces Españolas Based on th eU.N Rights of the Child- What started as a 3 year EU sponsored program became 6 years as children from the dump in Guatemala, Polisario guerrila children from the Western Sahara in refugee camp in Algiers and Bangladeshi kids from the East end of London interpreted what they felt were their rights via internet and group visits, culminating in the creation and manufacture of a board game used in UK schools.

B&N Classic and Contemporary