Join the Fotokids Family! (dysfunctional tho it may be…at times) 

FOTOKIDS! IT WORKS! Just one of the many dreams you’ve made happen.
We need 11 more scholarships for new kids!! Be part of the FOTOKIDS family.

Transforming lives of Central American kids from violent at-risk barrios from primary school through university.

The Educational Scholarship for young people in Guatemala and Honduras supports a child’s schooling for a year. Donations can be  made $50 monthly recurring or all at once annually.
$600 a year for educational scholarship

The Fotokids scholarship pays for our photography and design teaching and materials  given at no charge to needy kids. It gives them  the extra skills they need to find a job in miserable job market where 200,000 young people enter a workforce that creates only 20,000 jobs a year. Our kids do not want to immigrate, they want to stay and get jobs.
$300 Fotokids scholarship

Then … we also need any donations for the many things we offer, 121 nutritional lunches a week,transportation from bad neighborhoods to the school, books to read for our library, the 4 monthly food baskets we give to the neediest families (some of the mothers make just $15/month I don’t know how they do it) and then there’s the occasional doctors visit. You get the picture, we will gratefully receive any donation you spare ! PLEASE USE DONATE BUTTON ABOVE (upper right)-Recurring donations appreciated.

For checks: Send to: 

Trask/Fotokids, 1333 Jones St. #1001, San Francisco CA 94109