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Our Annual Costs in Guatemala, as everywhere else in the world, have regrettably rocketed.
When we added up the Annual Cost of supporting one child to receive all the benefits of the academic scholarships, professional vocational training, our mentorship support, lunches, transport, excursions, medical help, etc. it came to $2500 per student (or $208 per month).

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This also covers our three- year diploma Vocational Scholarship course in technology, photography, design, video and writing focused on giving students the extra skills to land a job out of high school. (check out some of the success stories here)

However, as these are much higher amounts than in the past we will match our students with up to 4 sponsors @$600 each. Of course, the more support for each student the better!
But hey, you can always be a valued member of the Fotokids Family Supporters, with any size contribution!
As a sponsor, you will receive correspondence from the student you support. Feel free to write or send photos and we are happy to do any translating. It is exciting for them to receive correspondence and feel part of a bigger world.

Don’t forget to put us in your Will Our legal name: Fotokids Inc. 45-1261970 (IRS#)

You may donate online on our Fotokids FB page, or make checks out to: FOTOKIDS

Send any checks to:

Fotokids/Walt Trask,
2240 S Palm Canyon Drive, #16,
Palm Springs CA 92264

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  1. Robin Freeberg

    Is the address below the new one to send donations to or the San Francisco above?

    Send any donations to: Fotokids/Walt Trask,
    2240 S Palm Canyon Drive, #16,
    Palm Springs CA 92264


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