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Fotokids sells unframed prints of any of the students photographs for $150. The students receive 40% of the profits from print sales. You can order any of the prints on the website or those you have seen published elsewhere. The 11”x14” photographs are printed in either B&W or color.

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For a donation of $1,000 or more we give our award winning out of print book, Out of The Dump produced by the children in 1996. All proceeds from sales of books and cards go to support the school in Guatemala City and its various satellite projects.

Our Award Winning Book  Out of the Dump Writings and Photographs by Children from Guatemala

published by Lothrop, Lee, & Shepard 1996

book cover OFTD

Out of the Dump: Writings and Photographs by Children from Guatemala (Franklin/McGirr, 1996) the original printing, now out of print and a collectors item, is available exclusively from Fotokids. The book contains photos and writings from the first five years of the project, and is appropriate for both children and adults.

Our Book: To Capture Dreams 20 years Fotokids

This book captures not only the Children’s dreams but the last 20 years of Fotokids and the projects we have created.

We Sell it for $40 plus $5 S/H

book to capture dreams

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